May 7, 2024

What impact, or not, has reading this book had on the choices you make in your day-to-day life?

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Reading this reinforces my daily choices to live lightly on our planet and continue to believe that my every day small decisions and words do make a difference.

Ramona Mazanec

It makes me even more aware of the mess we are leaving our children -the mess I am leaving for my own son- and as I search for a new work position, it makes me feel especially drawn to one that involves environmental stewardship. I may not be a scientist or a mathematician, and I’m no climate activist or political figure, but if I can use my communication and administrative skills to support people who ARE, and help keep them on track, I will feel like I am contributing in a small way to the fight for a better world… Read more »


I will pay attention to the views about environment expressed by candidates for office and vote accordingly


The book made me feel so sad and so helpless!


Reading this book just reinforced the sadness I feel for our beautiful blue ball soaring through space. I do all I can but it will never be enough. The greed of man overwhelms.

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What exactly do you do though?

Mary Ann

It really hits home the immense consequences of human interactions with all other life forms!

Luke Reimer

It has taught me to not hunt animals


Did you use to hunt? What are your thoughts on deer culling and orgs like Ducks Unlimited that are mindful of maintaining populations?

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