May 7, 2024

Did you come to this work familiar with what Flores calls “Big History”? Do you agree with his claim that it allows for a deeper understanding and connection rather than a more narrow historical focus would?

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I very much liked the depth of Big History. It helps me with perspective.

Ramona Mazanec

I did, but the scope of our impact on the natural world is just overwhelming. Despite coming into this already aware of a fair bit about what we’ve done not just to megafauna but so many other species, I was still floored at the sheer scope and scale of it. I do agree that for this particular topic, approaching things from a Big History point of view allows for a better perspective than we would get from looking at just a few hundred years or a few decades.


Many surprises in the book about our greed and lack of perspective

Mary Ann

The idea of a big history helps you realize how much humans impacted survival of all other living beings on planet Earth!

Kia-tu Li

I agree.Climate chang is real.

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