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What actions or changes would/do you hope to inspire in a person who reads your book⁉️

Steve Troxel

Regarding the Bison: The mass killing was horrendous! However, I’m wondering if you can imagine the current Bison population being much different today if Bison would have been treated better over the last 200 years.


To everyone asking about why two different quotes were used at the beginning – isn’t it more interesting that way? To include a quote from two different “perspectives” that are actually just the same perspective – being curious about our place in the world.

Mary Ann

Do you think that,like the Chernobyl wolves, animals will learn to survive and evolve and make homo sapient less dominant as a species?

Luke Reimer

Why you choose this topic

Hannah Klein

I also wonder about the use of a Bible quote and then a quote from the Origin of the Species. Why both quote and not one or the other?


Why did you choose to quote a biblical verse from Ecclesiastes, and use “all is vanity” in the opening of the book when the views presented about origins do not align with the Bible? What was your goal in this choice?

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