May 7, 2024

What most surprised you in reading about the overwhelming impact of humans on other species?

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I was most interested in the results of removing a species and how long it took people to realize how interconnected every thing is . Not surprised but always sad about our need to try to recreate the familiar rather than look at the current situation. Always so happy there are so many that care and try to do what they believe is for the greatest good of all.

Roma Conner

I knew of some of the losses and that the extinctions happened a long way into the past but the (perhaps not) surprising thing is how many of the extinctions are so recent.


Mostly, I was surprised (though it makes perfect sense) that the abundance of animals that colonists found in North America was not due to it being an untouched paradise, but to the diseases they brought killing off the indigenous population that previously hunted them.


I never imagined America teeming with life before the Europeans arrived. I knew about the buffalo, but wow! all those other creatures, now gone!


Nothing surprised or shocked me except the disregard of animal life among the Native Americans. I was under the mistaken idea that they respected all life. The rest of the wholesale slaughter I was aware of from my education and reading history. Nothing shocks me about human greed anymore, disgusts yes, shocks me definitely not. It continues today in different countries where the people of third world countries rush headlong into destroying their habitats to become more like us.

Mary Ann Clark

I was shocked at the notion that people believed that animals could never go extinct! I think that this was more a case of willful deniability rather than ignorance!

Mary Ann Clark

I was shocked at the notion that people believed that animals could never go extinct!


I never never knew humans were BAD!


I’m surprised at just how far back our overhunting tendencies go.

Alicia Ribas

It is disgusting to me that so many birds and mammals were killed for, basically nothing. It is difficult to imagine what they were thinking by murdering beautiful animals with abandon.
An eye opening account.


This book should be prescribed reading for everyone, but particularly teenagers. It is such a powerful book but very accessible. I listened to the audio version. I was moved to anger and tears.


I had no idea that so many animals were hunted to extinction in the early 20th century.

Abel Tadesse

Me either.

Luke Reimer

Yeah me too

Luke Reimer

Yeah me too

Luke Reimer

To Julie You are right

Luke Reimer

To Julie You are right.

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