July 10, 2024

Were you surprised that Tuyet chooses to stay in Vietnam rather than join Takeshi in Japan at the end of the novel? Why, in your opinion, does she make this choice? What does this mean for her future?

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Like other commenters, I was not surprised by this as there had been foreshadowing. Still, I was hopeful that I had misread the foreshadowing.


I was not surprised but I had been hopeful that the love and dedication of two people to one another could have been shattered by thei war time experiences. If Takeshita truly loved Tuyet he would have gone back to Vietnam instead of just writing a letter.

Nicole St Germaine

I was not at all surprised. There was a lot of foreshadowing throughout the book, such as Tuyet’s premonition that they would not like in their dream house for long. In the end, they were the love of each other’s lives but duty supersedes love. Their son was dead and that ended their obligation to one another.

Yolanda Jones

I was surprised but understood that she would not want to leave her sons. I did think she might go to give her daughter a better life.

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