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Elizabeth Gentile

My take is that Alex told Kyle he didn’t want to publish Minas final book. Perhaps the writing of the book was the healing.

Lori Poole

How did you determine names of the characters in this book? Curious because a character was named LORI (my name) a character had the last name POOLE (my last name), and another character was named WES (my brother’s name)!

Asia Rumsey

Out of all the characters ( up to chapter 4, where I am) only the Indian ones do you mention as such, are the rest to be assumed white? Why did you do that?


Will you write more novels highlighting other mental illnesses in your characters? I enjoyed how the therapist and client interacted, giving the reader a glimpse into the healing benefits of therapy. I think your experience as a psychologist gives a unique perspective to writing – looking forward to your next book!


Describe the moment you knew you would write this story.

Joy Buscaglia-Dale

Why did you have Mina die?


I was so into this story. It was sad and exciting at the same time. However, I am lost at the epilogue, what was that about?

Diane Stern

Which ending do you like better, Maggie killing her abuser and starting a new beginning for herself or Mina getting murdered and Alex getting revenge with his shoving the abuser down the basement stairs?


I’m still in the process of reading the book, but as a former year-round resident of the Outer Cape I’ve been intrigued by the setting. Why did you choose Provincetown, Truro, even Wellfleet as the backdrop for your novel. I was right there in Moby Dicks parking lot thinking Outer Cape Health was right across the street, I was right back in the bustling kitchens and at the Brewster Library as I read. Getting the Cape “right” is tricky. How did you do it.


Why did Mina have to die?

Leslie Funderburk

I was hoping for a happy ending to give hope to others who might have this mental illness. Do u plan to write more books about mental illness?


What kind of research did you do for this book, sch as for a fugue state or poisoning.
Did Mina actually experience a fugue state when she disappeared for 5 months or did she run away to get away from her neighbor?

Denise Figueroa

Is a fugue a real medical condition in real life or did you come up with it for the novel?

Crissie Morris

It is real, rare, but real. I had to look it up as soon as she mentioned it!

Sande Bunk

Have you personally ever known someone who’d suffered a fugue state?

raquel Stabinski-Leib

After the book was finished, out there, would you want to change anything? i.e. Gee, why didn´t do this differently? Second thoughts?


Why does Mina request an 8 month break for her next book deal?


I think it’s because she is working on the book draft we are reading in this novel.

Michael Lyncheski

I thought it was because she was going to take some time to heal. hmmm

SF Kosa

Hi, Everyone! Thanks for your questions so far!


Did you consider a different ending? Why make Mina a victim again?

Nicole Saada

Don’t you think that in spite of everything the book could have had a happy ending?


After talking to her therapist she comments to herself that she lied in some of the details she shared with the therapist to protect the innocent. Who was she referring to?

Did you ever consider an alternative ending? Perhaps where her plan works or one where we find mina was triggered by reliving the past and writing her new novel and see her using a new name in a new place with no memory of the past?

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Michael Lyncheski

I would have liked that!

Kathleen Yohn

Was there any autobiographical elements totthe story?


Why did Mina leave her rings in the cottage when she went to poison Phillip?

Michael Lyncheski

I was guessing that she did that because she did not want Phillip to see them and, it also bolstered the plotline. 🙂


How did you get started as a writer?
Did your ideas come from your work before?
What advice would you give to someone writing their own book?


While you leave it up to the reader to decide whether Alex agrees to publish the book or not, what do you want Alex to do and why?

Robert Fogarty

Your story was good but it was hard to follow the people and there roles.


Why is there no audiobook for this book? What if someone recommends there friend this book but they have poor vision? What are you going to do about that?! I think you should make a audiobook for accessibility related people. Please make one, my brother wants to read this but he can’t read it because of his vision. So thank you if you can make one.

Brian Fischer

Do you think it good therapy for a victim to “bake a cake?” Not so much as Maggie did but exacting some kind of justice.


Who is you favourite person and why?

Robert Fogarty

Stefan ,he was the real hero


Mine was Alex mainly because he never gave up on his wife. He was determined to find answers and after weeks was the only one able to put together what happened.


What elements of this novel are inspired by events in your life?
Which issues you delineate are most concerning for women?