June 25, 2021

If you could choose any place in the world for your own retreat, where would it be?

Spoilers ahead! Why do you think Mina is drawn to Provincetown?

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Jennifer Weatherford

I think that Provincetown felt like home to Mina. A place better and safer than home.


My idea of a retreat would be PEI. And if course a good book.

Jennifer Weatherford

Yes, always a good book!!

Judy T

My own home.


Reading a favorite book under a big shade tree on the perfect sunny day under blue sky full of white fluffy clouds

Lady Bracknell

My retreat would be a small cosy house on the edge of town surrounded by historic countryside. Scottish Borders

Denise Figueroa

If I could choose any place in the world for my own retreat, it would be in New York. I think Mina is drawn to Provincetown because of the environment.


Lake Michigan – absolutely beautiful area.

Ken Godfrey



I think the quiet girl was a great novel


Definitely the Irish cottage we used to have on the shore of Galway Bay.

Joy Buscaglia-Dale

Yosemite – one bedroom cabin with a fireplace and a sewing room.


Outer islands Bahamas

Leslie Funderburk

A cabin in the woods with a lake.


Mine would be Maldives..


I think Mina’s retreat is in Provincetown because that is where she ended up with her fugue. Although it was an extremely difficult time for the character, this is what ultimately leads her to help. This is the beginning of change for her and help.


My retreat would be in Hawaii!

Jennifer Thompson

A small cabin in the woods on a mountain top. A stream would wind its way across the open field by the cabin. I can hear a nearby waterfall and the sounds of wildlife as I relax and rejuvenate.

Evan Richardson

This would definitely be my dream retreat as well!


anywhere near the ocean

Sande Bunk

Isolated mountain getaway by water sans bears & mountain lions.

raquel Stabinski-Leib

Definitely a small place by the water but near enough to walk to civilization when I felt like it


My retreat would be more subdued then Provincetown. I understand why it worked for the book though.




My retreat would be almost anywhere in Norway with a view of the mountains and waters.


I was just going to say the same thing!

Nicole Saada

Ogunquit, Maine


In the Swiss Alps on the Riederalp. Great winters, beautiful summers, and powerful nature all around

Kathleen Yohn

My home is my zen space


Anywhere but here! It’s 7degrees celsius. The heat is coming on. I’m wearing fluffy socks, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a thermal shirt and a sweatshirt.
If someone offers me a retreat, it
has to be warm. Maybe Bora Bora where the water is so vibrantly blue and the sun is so radiant.
I haven’t been anywhere, but anywhere is on my bucket list !

Peggy Morgan

My retreat would be in Oahu, Hawaii. Cool breezes, yoga on the beach, and lots of healthful food.

Robert Fogarty

The Shenandoah vally

Brian Fischer

Deep in the woods on a lake


A quiet little beach town

Shabena Budwani



A beach town would be great because the occupants and the weather are always changing so there is lots of excitement, but when you tire of it you can always retreat to your condo and settle down with a good book.


a tropical island beach

Jim Susco

Rural town, deep woods cabin. Time slows down, and ties me to my past.