June 25, 2021

What are your overall thoughts on the book?

Spoilers ahead! Share your thoughts after reading The Quiet Girl

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A can’t put down book. Sudden realization of the ending was great, the light bulb suddenly went on. Love it


I enjoyed it thoroughly! It was suspenseful with an unexpected ending.

Lisa Deckert

I was a little disappointed, though, in the modern cliché of one religious character, and that character is a self-centered monster.

Lisa Deckert

I liked the book, very well-written. I had a hard time with Maggie’s character a few times, especially when she kept biting the hand that helped her, but that helped with the realism. I admit though, I need a fluffy, sweet romance now to counteract that experience.


I don’t usually read this type of book but enjoyed it. It was cleverly constructed and kept me reading.

Brittney Leyba

I pretty much assumed she had multiple personality disorder mixed in with sociopathic tendencies. As Layla she set out to intentionally use people to obtain her needs. I liked this book, but didn’t love it. I will say after finishing Atonement it was refreshing.


I loved the dual plot line, super unique! A fun suspenseful read for a summer weekend.


Absolutely loved this book, it kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Kim Wemhaner

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It took a little bit for me to figure out that “Layla/Maggie” wasn’t a disassociated flashback, but it was worth it to keep pressing on. I don’t understand the “rainbow flame “ reference though. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend this author. To all the naysayers, you didn’t give this book enough of a chance. The twists this book throws helped me feel the mental despair she’s under. The fugue became real. Already have a hold on the next book. We’ll done!

Judy T

I stayed with it to the end because I have issues with noise and prefer my own company to the noise of other people. I kept trying to figure out what the title had to do with the book.


She was taught to be a “quiet girl”. Never sharing personal things and always projecting a perfect façade.

Isla Hepburn

I loved the book. It was amazing


What did the author mean by “rainbow flame”?


The “rainbow flame” is an inside joke between Alex and his friend Drew, referring to a time their high school chemistry teacher caught his entire desk on fire. Basically, it just means everything going extremely sideways in an EXTREMELY dramatic way.


At one point Alex mentions it – they’re referring to a chemistry class accident from high school. So, it’s an inside joke that means “emergency”.


For a while, I was wondering why there seemed to be two narratives running side by side, and there didn’t seem to be a change of voice or perspective. Of course, as I read on, it became clear why that was the case. Just wonder how many people put down the book because of this confusion.


Actually I loved the juxtaposition of these narrative, it kept me intrigued and encouraged me to read faster in order to find out what was going on.


I actually had to go back to the beginning to get a grasp on this. I was super confused for a good 3 chapters, but I pushed through and finished. Lol! I’m glad I did!

Mmmm ffffff

Spoilers here! I disliked the book and by the end was skimming through. Tired of yet another story line of sexually abused little girl disassociating as adult and getting revenge. And really—killing off your main character?


It was a very quick, enjoyable read. I thought that Alex was going to be an unreliable narrator.


I really enjoyed trying to figure out how Mina connected to Layla and what the time frame was


Looked like a book I would enjoy but there was too much swearing so I quit after the first couple of chapters. I find many authors do this and would like to get them a thesaurus so they can come up with other words, or which there are many out there.


Okay, Rose.

Joan Kramer

Was fascinated by this book, got pulled into the dual stories, enjoyed it even more once I figured it out. The writing is quite intense at times, but well done. Finished the book in less than two days, could not wait for Alex and Mina to be reunited. When the ending came I was so disappointed. I wanted happiness for both. But as in true life, loss isinevitable.


The opening chapter is chilling. Reminds me of that Nichole Kidman scene in the kitchen where character loses it with flour.


A confusing book I couuld not put down.


SPOILER: I found the first chapters of the book very disorienting and hard to keep up with. I was about to drop the book but glad I continued it. I like the way the plot continue to unfold once it was revealed that the manuscript was written by Ava. I was sad with the ending. I also felt that the job plotline was unnecessary.


Thrilling suspense. Did not like the ending. Cool concept using manuscript of novel to figure out what happened to the main character.

Karen Simpson

Excellent read. Just when I thought I knew what was happening there would be another twist revealed and I would have to rethink. It really grabs the reader in and it was hard to put down.


Just finished. Loved the twists and turns. What an ending. Don’t usually like mystery because I guess the ending half way through the book but this one kept me on my toes.


This is a psychological thriller that will keep you reading long after you should go to sleep.


Completely hooked from the start to the end. Started seeing the parallels with the manuscript. The juxtaposition kept me guessing.


Really enjoyed the book! The twists and turned kept me intrigued! Not a huge fan of the ending but overall still a good book


Could not put this book down.


I really enjoyed the book. I couldn’t put it down. I agree with other comments that it was confusing to follow at first. Not your typical happy ending, but that’s okay. I will definitely try another book by this author.


I always enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts on the book! I knew from the preview blurb that the two stories were connected, but I didn’t put it all together right away. I was really sad that Mina died but I wonder if it would have seemed contrived if she had survived? I agree that a trigger warning would be good. I was totally engrossed in this book!


Overall a really good read. And I would definitely read the author again. There were some weak points – the revenge planned plus the semi-autobiographical book which would have given her away if she had still been alive- and the constant drinking (and driving!) of the husband. Mina seemed very idealised- but written from the point of view of the husband I guess I can see why. If Mina had survived to publish her book though how many people would have thought Scott was her abuser. Still- sad that it didn’t become race to find her alive at the end.

Laura Baxter Gerardi

It was a page turner!


Fantastic! What an ingenious way to hold my attention and get me to ‘be the detective’ looking for clues. I was a little bummed that the reason for Minna’s break was for that particular trauma as I feel it is a strong topic but overused in books.


I just started reading the book.


This book was very disturbing at points, but the author wrote in a compelling way


I thought the beginning was quite stilted. Didn’t know if I would keep reading as I didn’t think it was written well but definitely got better as it went along. I wish Mina didn’t die and I thought Sharon killing her was a bit far-fetched but enjoyed the story.

Lady Bracknell

Very distressing but gripping read. Everything tied up neatly and what happened to the heroine fits the distressing plot linew even tho I really wanted a happy ending

Barbara Gourley

This story was crazy good – in a Jodi Piccoult way. I am “over” the current genre of bouncing back & forth in time but this was a new approach. I did get to the point where I was skimming/skipping through the Maggie portions of the story.


Loved this book! Kept me guessing and up almost all night! Felt like I was watching a motion pictures as the characters all came to life. Looking forward to reading another book from this author!


What a great book. The sad part is this could be a true story of many peoples tortured lives. Abuse and mental illness are real. Unfortunately there was nobody there for Mina until it was too late.


Great book. Highly recommended.


I just finished the book and really enjoyed it. As the story unfolded I kept hoping they would find Mina alive but knew that would probably not happen. It wasn’t until they were in Phillip’s house I realized Sharon was the killer. Well written. The author keeps tooth plots moving forward at a good pace. I will definitely read her again.

Denise Figueroa

My overall thoughts on the book are as follows. I actually liked this book. It was very interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The thriller aspect of this genre is really good. I would give it five out of five stars.


I tried to read it but couldn’t do the bad language.

Liana Kerry

I was very happily surprised by this book! Such an interesting and engaging read!

I found it very clever how the author told the story. I will admit, it was confusing at first, but I think that’s what made it more fun. It really made you think and I n the end, Alex was the one who helped keep your timeline straight for you anyway – so it all worked out!

Loved this book and definitely will be adding it to my collection!

Shira Houghton

So does anyone believe that one of the narrators is male? Voice is all wrong…

Leslie Martinez

I laughed and cried throughout the book. It was clever to trick us in the beginning when it switched to the manuscript, thinking at first it was Mina, then you realize it’s a girl named Layla, but eventually you realize it actually WAS Mina. What a roller coaster of a journey, as each page twisted your mind around, especially having similar thought processes as Alex. Feeling his confusion, his rage, his sorrow… and cheering him on at the edge of my seat. I finished this book within two days, this is how suspenseful the story is. As intense as the… Read more »


I found details very repetitious. The story line was ok, but could have been been presented more interestingly. Hope the next selection is a better choice.


Interesting device used for telling the story and very suspenseful, but I would not consider this to be great writing. The dialogue and character development was forced, and the author included many tangents that did not add to the overall story. I think I was expecting more from a “Big Library Read.”


Good page turner. Ending was an interesting twist but I really wanted Mina and /or her child to live.