May 2, 2023

What are the stigmas surrounding schizophrenia? What are the ways you have witnessed schizophrenia portrayed in the media? How do you think the author challenges these portrayals in Tastes Like War?

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Carine Bishop

A refreshing first hand experience of a daughter of someone experiencing a serious mental illness. Thank you so much Grace for searching for the cause of such and revealing the brutality and injustices of war and culture. I think Grace writes poignantly about how stigma affected her getting treatment for her mother and the difficulties her family had in accepting her mother was unwell. She describes clearly how close family are not listened to when seeking help.


I learned so much working with a national mental health innovation center at the University of Colorado, but one of the first and most important lessons for me was that the mentally ill are far — FAR — more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators. It is a huge misconception and I was glad to see Ms. Cho stress this in her book.


I learned a lot about schizophrenia from this book. The stigmas still exist!! We continue to treat mental illness so different than physical illness, when it is a type of physical illness, which is why so many mentally ill people are homeless or in prison. The media is getting better at portraying it, but politically we still treat it like a crime. The author was good at showing that our knowledge keeps changing and we are still learning how to deal with it.

Jae Rowan

I deeply appreciate Cho’s discussion of Schizophrenia woven throughout the book. It was helpful to learn the diagnostic points and to understand the connections with the trauma in her mothers life. Her mother experienced so much trauma from the desolation and the horrors of war and colonization with Japan with the only hope and possibility coming through the American military and the sex trade for American soldiers. Moving to America where as an alien and outside she worked so hard to provide for her children to create a better future for them, under very difficult conditions and for years with… Read more »

Jennifer Morgan

‘Mental Illness’ has become the latest scapegoat for gun violence, and mentally ill adults are often the perpetrators in murder mysteries and horror films. Cho repeats the assertion that schizophrenic people are more likely to suffer from violence by society or by their own hands than to perpetuate violence. It was interesting to see the link Cho draws between sexual assault and schizophrenia. I’m reading some news media that is linking suicide victims in Canada’s north with sexual abuse. I was interested when Cho wrote that Third World victims of schizophrenia are more likely to recover than U.S. patients. I… Read more »


The recent chokehold killing on the NYC subway is classic. Commuters watch as a human is killed and take no action to prevent same. The mentally ill populations are expanding with no attempts to address the crisis. Add the fact that there are more guns then people and the result is war zones . Especially in inner cities where people are overcrowded and poorly educated . Clawing over each other to escape. Unable to resolve conflicts without violence both in & out of their homes. The author’s education gives us another view from the inside . Giving hope to the… Read more »

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