May 2, 2023

In the prologue, Cho writes that she has had “at least three mothers” (2) in her life. In what ways did Cho’s mother change throughout her life? How did each of these different versions of the same woman affect Cho as she grew up?

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Amazing strong, sexy, hardworking Mom who with love pushes her daughter to become what she cannot. And when that daughter leaves, her purpose leaves and the trauma from her youth turns instead to mental illness. But hope returns in the last years of her life as she realizes her busy daughter really loves her, and nurtures her with food to prove it.


“The hand that rocks the cradle “ rules who we become.
Cho’s escape to higher education benefits not only her healing but everyone who reads her work.
Suicide is at an all time high. No one is immune to this hate environment we must live in.
Every person of color knows someone incarcerated which have become cages for the mentally ill. Like war a money generating industrial complex .
Thank You Cho for the wake up call.
The chickens have come home to roost.

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