March 20, 2020


After finishing the book, what are your overall thoughts?
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Kim Wieczorek

I liked the addition of humor in it. It was a good reminder to reduce stress/anxiety/worry in life.

Hanga Poshi

Its and amusing book. I truly learned alot about dealing with anxiety.

K. Thomas

At the beginning of the book, he says that we don’t have to be wary of sudden attacks when we leave our houses. This is true in America, but mostly only for white people.

Cathy Hodge

I enjoyed the personal antectdotes with the strategies. Dr. King is a clever author. Thank you.

Zur Azureen

It was a funny straightforward book~ tackling important subject like stress, mindfulness and overall wellbeing


I wish I would have researched the author more before reading, including his social media. Book was stretching to get in word count in some areas and made sure to let the reader know that was what he was doing. Did I learn anything new about being happy? Definitely not!


Agree. His Instagram account makes me wonder what really makes him happy!


I liked the bears and traffic references … that will stick with me … as well as the poison berries. It was a good reminder not to be stressed over things that may NEVER happen, or things I have no control over. I also liked the suggestion of thinking about 3 things I am grateful for. I am doing this before falling asleep now, rather than my usual review of all the negative things from the day. It was an enjoyable read!


This book was okay. Honestly I really didn’t get anything out of it, but that I need to stop worrying about things that I can’t control. I was actually bored in a few parts. The stories throughout were nice.


It was great!


Yeah! I really enjoyed it! 🙂

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