March 23, 2022

Questlove chooses to write about the connection between music and history while also sharing some of his own personal stories rather than just a traditional nonfiction book.

Why do you think he made this choice?

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Because there is such an intimate connection with music. The songs and pieces that touch you are more personal than what we think of as History.

And some songs can take you right back to a period in the history of your life. This history is personal history. Not just one person’s, but what was affecting us at times. Falling in love, first activism, achievement of your goal.


What I loved about this book was how it was both a memoir and a history in many ways. He is relating his experience to the quintessential experience of being human, particularly the importance of black lives in both music and history. Not only does this show the importance of music on individual lives, but also the importance of music in history. I am a history major in university and relating history to music and showing how things going on in history and in society are reflected in history makes you listen to music more tangibly and realize the ability… Read more »


I 100% agree with Jackie and GMom


I think he wants to help his readers relate history and music.


Non fiction with good storytelling and personal memories embedded is readable, compelling and memorable. This writer made the correct choice


He is a part of history, as each of our personal histories is a part of history. We all ARE history. When he shares his story, the reader engages from a personal level, asking how their own story intersects with that moment in time.


I think he is a living breathing work of art.
Still developing & lots more to give as his artistic gifts are shared with the world.
He is healing our planet by connecting our humanity with music.

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