March 23, 2022

When discussing 1973 and protest songs, Questlove asks “Can music truly change minds?” How would you answer that question? Can you think of a specific song you believe has the power to change minds?

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No. “We shall overcome” is a protest song, but little seems to change as a result of it being sung rather than as a result of democratic pressure put on by those in the group singing it.


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The lyrics of a song with a moving melody may solidify or strengthen the listener’s resolve regarding an issue or a relationship, which technically ( I guess) is a change.

Kay C.

I completely agree with the first part of your statement: music and lyrics absolutely strengthens resolve , as evidenced especially by “protest music” through the years. But I don’t think it changes anyone’s mind as much as it confirms existing beliefs.


Music amplifies emotion that is already there and creates community.


Yes. I absolutely believe music can change lives. Think of Marvin Gaye’s black and war protest songs like “What’s going on?” And Bob Dylan’s “The times they are a changing”


I think minds change music first. Songs like “Amazing Grace” was penned by individuals having a moral crisis. Then the song changes
minds. For example, soldiers can be made to march into bloody senseless wars by stirring drum & bugle corps but during the Civil War both sides halted briefly when Amazing Grace was played.

Kay C.

This is an excellent point and examples. Martial music, particularly, can instill feelings of pride and patriotism — even to the point of sending soldiers to certain death — but I’m still not sure it changes anyone’s mind.

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