March 23, 2022

If you were cataloging your life through music like Questlove did, what is one song you would choose to include and why?

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only human by ryan mack. very good song


The one song I would pick to include is ‘Only Human’ by Ryan Mack. Not only does it have a good beat, but a good uplifting message. I really get how we are really only human. The meaning of the song is that we all make stupid mistakes, but we can make it better. Being human is living that song, and the truth of that hit home. In a good way. That the one song I would choose to put in, just to flip back and see that song would give me hope. We all need hope.


It would be hard to pick just one. This read has reignited my love for the Coup – so “The Guillotine” would be a close favourite. I appreciate the message and the sound. But I also have a sentimental attachment to “F**k the Government, I Love You” by the Burning Hell which I listened to during an early date with my now husband.


“Something Inside So Strong”. I used to sing it to myself while walking seven miles home from a nearby town.


One song I would choose would be “ Brighter Day” by Kirk Franklin. There’s a great message in this song but also the different vocal ranges gives me so much joy and energy. I listen to this song while riding my bike to work. It is so inspiring and uplifting


A Change is Gonna Come


Walk on the wild side by lou reed


Song I would use. “Everything Must Change” by Quincy Jones.
Because life requires adaptation due to content change. Like musical styles changes.
The disco analogy was great. How musicians were stifled & unable to grow individually .
I liked the chronological history points to take us on a ride through time.


If I was just writing a book about MY life through music, I would include the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, because I can honestly relate to the song, and the backstory. I also love this book, at least as much as I read so far.


It is a inspiring book

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