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What happened to Kayla? The story ended with her taking her pills and disappearing…into a wooded area, in a snowstorm…

Shafia Khanum

How and why did Josh become so obsessed with Mira? Why was he in the hospital? When did he start following her? And how did he expect them to survive a storm all alone?

Lori Lewis Nunn

I would ask for an epilogue, following up, and telling us what happened with the other characters, and whether the mysterious man in the yellow hat was a Christian savior since the book was set on Christmas Eve.


What was the role of the man in the yellow hat and how could he travel such long distances?


What was Harper writing about in her journal all that time? I thought she could have been the stalker when the letters were discovered in the trunk


How did the man in the yellow cap always seem to be 1 step ahead of the group?
And, what happened with the other 3 passengers?

Ashley Rodeheffer

What’s the story with the yellow hat guy?

Pat k.

Who and what was the man with the yellow hat about?


Why did the man in the yellow hat threaten them and never speak at the rest stop?

Jay G

I think the guy in the yellow hat was just a red herring. Someone to get your imagination going.


Agreed. I fell for it all the same!


what made you write this book?


Who was the man with the yellow hat smelling of hospital disinfectant?

Cheryl Malheim

The man in the yellow cap. Why?


Was the man in yellow hat actually an angel as he seemed to be every where they were. ?Like looking after them. ?


The man in the yellow cap. I have SO many questions.

Kayden Herron

Good one


The accident in the blizzard was so descriptive that I would ask if she had experienced that first hand?

Christina L.

Will there be a sequel? There are so many unanswered questions. Some readers can make there own inferences and interpretations for, but the biggest is what is the significance of the man with the yellow hat? What is his story? How does he manage to travel the exact same path as the main characters? Your story is beautiful and captivating, would love to hear what exactly you meant for him to represent.


Who was the yellow cap guy and which person was he following?


What happened to the other 3 kids? What was up with the man in the yellow hat? How did Mira get to the hospital? Who rescued her?

Donna Beyer

For sure would like to know more about the yellow cap man! How did he manage to keep track of them with all of the last minute, terrible decisions they made?

Katie Baeverstad

Was the man with the yellow hat a guardian angel? If so why didn’t you flesh him out more? Also, what about Kayla?

Dayna Foster

Why did you choose to write in first person (other than the letters)?


Why do we not know what happens to the others ¿


What was the purpose in the story of the man with the yellow hat? How did he get around from location to location?

Disa Reed

Why was there no epilogue? An epilogue could have answered all the unresolved questions.


What inspired you to write the book? What inspired you to give each character their name and identity?


Who was the yellow hat guy and how did he always know where Mira was going to be? Did he know her?


What happened to Cory?

Charisse Salas

Why is there no resolution for the rest of the characters? Also what was with the yellow cap guy? How did he always find them? Did Mira make up with her best friend?


Who was the man in the yellow cap ?

Kate Marczenko

Who is the man in the yellow hat?!


Did the conditions to write this book change at the end of it? to me it felt fast paced in the last chapters, like some aspects got really built up but did not get a chance to be resolved. Was the over all rhythm of the book what you wanted it to be?


If you didn’t choose Josh as the bad guy who else would you have chosen?
Also, what inspired you for each of the characters personalities?
And what happened to the remaining characters besides Mira?
Yeah yeah sorry I know that was a lot of questions but I rather ask everything I want to even though I may not get a response rather than just ask one and never know if you would have given me more answers.
Anyway, thank you for your time and book!
– Savannah


How did you get the idea for this book? Was it from a vacation you took in the past, or can you relate to one of the characters?

Samantha Hale

If I could ask the author one question, it would be how did you get the inspiration for this book? Was there anything in particular from a vacation or a book you read or a story you heard about?