October 28, 2021

Who did they originally suspect was stealing their belongings?

*Spoilers* How did that change over the course of the book?
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My bet was on Kayla. The least to suspect. I thought the thing she was missing was the letters.


They thought that Kayla was stealing their belonging due to her belonging not being taken.

Shafia Khanum

Brecken. But I always had a doubt about Josh.


I originally thought it was Harper because she seemed a bit too obsessed with Mira.


I thought it was Harper…she was the one who put the group together and brought Mira in. I thought she was the stalker.


I thought it was Kayla. Even after they searched the bags I thought she was hiding the items in her clothes.


I thought it was Harper!


Kayla was too out of it, but Brecken seemed to be a Mastermind. His acts such as high failing it out of the gas station portrayed him as a character void a conscience.


Kayla, with a close second being Brecken.


I suspected Harper at first. She seemed too nice and too caring.


I suspected Harper. Changed my mind frequently throughout book.


Kayla was an obvious suspect because she was always described “taking her time” , “rousing herself from sleep” etc. She had the most time to distract the others.


I originally suspected Harper, but quickly switched to Josh and remained suspicious ever since. I always had a hunch about his “injury”.

Ashley Rodeheffer

They originally thought Brecken was the thief. Then Kayla because of the obvious drug use. Then, of course, Mira briefly because of the knife. The suspicion shifted back and forth.


Mostly I didn’t trust Harper. She seemed a little unbalanced under her ‘take charge’ facade.


I had originally thought it was Harper. She was super nice and was the one who found all the people in the car. She also kept talking about a plan and how nothing else could go wrong. However, after they hit the boy I thought it was Josh because it was weird that he was reaching over to steer.


I originally thought that Mira was stealing all the belongings of her acquaintances and is playing the victim at the start of the book but later on, I suspected Kayla as she was not that much in the picture and she was not very active in the story. But the unveiling of Stalker-Josh took me by surprise.


I thought that it was Brecken and then the man in the yellow hat at first, although I was suspicious of each character at different points in the story.


I suspected Kayla first and then the man in the yellow hat.


Me too!


The man in the hat was suspicious but I originally thought it was Kayla. The way they perceived her in the 1st half of the book as just coming off of a high sleeps most of the time, and sort of a background character in the 1st half of the book was more reason to suspect her


I thought it was Josh and that he was hiding the items in him leg/knee brace. I started to question my first mine as the story went on and Breken started being careless, but went back to my original thought after Josh told the ladies to leave Breken.


I thought Josh was hiding stuff in his leg brace as well.


Same I thought that at one point too and then I kept thinking Brocken was manipulating Kayla

Jay G

I thought it was Kayla. She kept to herself for most of the trip. But towards the end I cought words here and there that guided me towards the possibility of one of the guys


I suspected the man with the yellow hat because there was so less about him mentioned. But I also thought it could be Josh since he was being just too nice.


I thought it was the guy in the yellow cap. I thought he must’ve been following them in his own car from a safe distance and every time the stopped he would somehow steal their things. However, by the end of the book I was screaming “JOSH! IT’S JOSH” at my kindle LOL!

Cheryl Malheim

I suspected Kayla. She was just so odd through it all.

ur mom

I thought it was Harper, and that she had an elaborate plan to attack random people at the airport, with her mom facade. But Kayla, started to make me question it.


I felt like the author did a good job making each 1 feel suspicious throughout. I did like Harper because she seemed a little mother hennish To Mira. They were all very weird people.


Agreed. I really liked how the author used the concept that anyone could be guilty to make the other characters suspicious of Mira towards the end.




Some mystery author (Agatha Christie?) liked to lead you down a path of suspecting one of the characters to be the guilty one, and then at the end POOF! , “oh by the way, it was……” DId not feel so annoyed with Ms. Richards though. She did not leave out any pertinent details that I remember


At first, I thought it was (somehow) the man that kept showing up everywhere, then I thought it was Harper




Kayla-her character seemed shady.


Yes! I don’t know why no one realized that she was acting weird until things REALLY.got weird.


I pegged Kayla in the beginning but suspected Josh because he was seemingly so absorbed with reading and no real reason for being in the car


I was originally thinking Brecken and Harper were in on it together. For a few chapters I was assuming at least 2 of the passengers were involved in some sort of psychology study involving human behavior being altered by high stress situations. It was a stretch, but it seemed plausible that 2 could work together in convincing strangers to join in a seemingly innocent carpool to make it home for Christmas. My theory when they started getting anxious was that their study was in jeopardy when unforseen events took place and they could become liable for injuries or deaths.

Jenny Holland

I really thought that it was Harper from the very beginning. Just because of her overprotective attitude toward Mira and saying she felt responsible for her, and because Harper kind of brought her into the group.


Also, Harper was writing in her journal and I thought she was writing the final letter.

Allison Goodyear

I had no idea.

Shannon Curtis

I really thought it was Kayla. Just because she was the only one to start with that didn’t have anything stolen herself.


I thought it was Kayla.


Brecken! He was such an Alpha Male I was convinced it was him!


From the beginning I knew it was Josh. He was just “too nice” and way too quick to shift the blame to Brandon


Mmmm, I’m not sure I was committed enough to care.

Ben Knutson

Originally I thought there was some stowaway or something, but then as the book progressed, I figured out it was Josh, because he was ALWAYS with Mira

Donna Beyer

Most of the time I thought it was Harper. She wasnext to her on the plane and she was the only one who really seemed to like writing. Also, she was writing during the car ride so the last letter totally could have been from her.


I thought that the yellow man was hiding in the car and stealing stuff along the way.


Same! Glad to see someone else thought the same lol

M. T.

Josh, because it’s almost ALWAYS the injured guy (or girl).


I thought it was kayla or brecken. Brecken because he kept trying to pin the blame on the others. And I thought that it was Kayla because she was asleep or so they thought so it was suspicious


I really thought there was going to be a supernatural component to the missing idems and the man with yellow hat was part of that.


I thought it was Kayla.She was always acting a little weird. I thought she was faking while listening to everything.

Disa Reed

Brecken was certainly portrayed as the bad guy. But because Kayla was so unlikeable, the other characters (except Josh) suspected her as well.

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I thought for sure it was the old guy in the yellow hat… then Kayla bc she was always supposedly sleeping and didn’t have a anything


I thought it was Harper. She invited Mira, sat next to her, treated her like she needed to be protected, and was generally hiding something with all her phone calls.


The book definitely made it so everyone was just a *little* sus. The only one I didn’t suspect at all was the guy in the yellow hat , because it would have been too obvious. I thought it might have been Harper originally, but Josh withe Kayla helping was an interesting conclusion.


I did suspect the guy in the yellow for a while but then realized it had to be Josh… he was too quick to shift blame and somehow he was never blamed