October 28, 2021

What are your overall thoughts about the book?

*Spoilers* Brief summary of something insightful about this title and something to get the conversation started.
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Madison Hall

I honestly enjoyed the book, but I accidentally ran across a summery of the book. So, the ending got spoiled for me but, it was still a page-turner.


Real page turner!


I’m still wondering how the guy in the yellow hat found them. Again. Who the heck was he anyway? At the end, it seemed like there was going to be something about him knowing about Josh. Like he was a federal agent or something trailing him and he was looking out for Mira.


After this snowy week, I noticed there was no mention of cold, lack of footwear, mittens, etc. The amount of time they were constantly outside and standing around in the snow would have had taken a toll. Harper wearing a skirt? She’d have been frozen! Not realistic- and the number of stops at gas stations and rest stops seemed to run together in the audiobook version. It kept me guessing until the end though.


This was a twisty-turvey excellent read!! The character development was on point, and I enjoyed guessing who guilty parties were along the way!


This book was an easy read. I just felt like the plot was a little messy after a couple of chapters in.

What surprised me was when the gas station guy followed them and when they finally lost him, he found them again. I want to know how he found them again?


I like the book, but I definitely thought the man in the yellow hat and his purpose in the story were a bit vague.


I’m glad I read this book, it was a real page-turner and definitely held my interest. It was a little hard for me to relate to these college aged characters, but really, they could have been any age. Reading the letters throughout added to the suspense immensely. I agree the ending was a little abrupt and yellow hat man just appeared at the most random times. I would give it 3.5 stars.


I was overall disappointed with this book. More research was needed for the location, and I just didn’t like the characters. I felt suspense for a couple of chapters, but after that just felt as if they were not very bright.
For a couple of pages,I thought it may have been an unreliable narrator. When the story progressed and it was Josh……predictable.

Sherry Beeson

What was the purpose of the man in the yellow baseball cap?

Ellen Budden

He was there for ‘creep’ factor, I reckon. Then there’s the irony of him being the one to save them at the end. A red herring.


My impression was that he was just a red herring, but I wish there had been an explanation for why he was in all the same places.

Ali B

I loved the suspense and thought the baddie was each character at different times through the story. I agree with others posting about the man with the yellow cap – there didn’t seem to be any resolution or explanation of him or why he elicited such an instinctive response from Mira. Also wondered about whether Brecken had his own motives for killing Josh – as he could then put his own spin on driving over and injuring/killing (did he die) Corey. That seemed very convenient. Lots of unresolved questions and would have liked it to go for a few hundred… Read more »

Katherine C

I really loved the beginning of this book but by the middle of it everything became unrealistic and absurd. I was so depressed and tired I couldn’t finish it. And then when I tried to read it again I got until page 240 and had to set it back down. This story was good but I noticed a lot of grammatical mistakes and the letters to Mira made no sense. I thought she was dreaming or in a come or amen thing. I wanted to give this book 4 stars but now i am DNFinf it because the ending was… Read more »


It kept me in suspense until the very end. Great Read.


I honestly couldn’t get past the first few chapters because the geography just didn’t make sense. The pilot Said they were landing in Newark yet the entire rest of the trip only referenced PA. Also it would definitely take more than 6 hrs to get to Pittsburgh from Newark in a snow storm. And a layover in Newark to get to Pittsburgh just doesn’t make sense. As a PA native this was a discrepancy I just couldn’t get past. There needed to be some more research on the author’s part regarding location.

Kate P

I agree with all of the comments about plot holes, too-quick ending, lack of tying up loose ends and unexplained yellow hat guy. It did start to drag for me, but I finished it just to find out what happened in the end. Really, the author lost me when the characters went to a restroom in the middle of nowhere and the water was miraculously turned on for hand washing. Anyone who lives in a snowy climate knows that doesn’t happen. I could certainly picture this story as a B grade thriller movie for young teens.


I felt the twists and turns were clever. I read this book very quickly which usually is not the case.


I agree with the other commenters, the ending was quick and a little disappointing. 90% of the book did have me anxious to find out the ending. There were a couple of hanging threads. What was the story of the yellow hat man, what was Breckon’s story? There was a lot of room for character development.


The book definitely held my interest but I though the ending was rushed. There was so much left out, where did Kayla go? Harper’s character was very undeveloped and there could have been so much more to her. Really unsatisfied with the ending.

Janet Sullivan

I listened to the book on my morning walks so enjoyed the “journey”. The author certainly kept me guessing about who was stealing the items and what was up with the yellow- hatted man. But I found the end disappointing as I was left with unanswered questions and a lack of closure. But maybe it was about the “journey” and not the destination. LOL


I was very disappointed in this book. There were too many things happening throughout the story that seemed as if they were going to lead into a much deeper back story. Having the book end the way it did was a huge letdown. I was actually almost angry that I let myself get sucked into the story hoping for so much more!!

Ellie N

Overall the book was a rattling good read which I had to finish quickly due to the terms of the loan. Read over three afternoons, the short chapters encouraged me to read on. At various stages, I wondered if the main character was an unreliable witness, in the middle of a medically induced nightmare or if we should take the words on the page as genuine. Although I didn’t quite believe in the events I was reading, I did work out who the MC should be most afraid of and what method of disguise they were using. However, the red… Read more »

Ashley Rodeheffer

Definitely a good read. I agree with another reader who said they wanted more from the yellow hat man. Why was he ALWAYS there? Where was he going? Why was his hand burnt? Etc. I cant say I was dissapointed, because in spite of a few flaws, I enjoyed the book as a whole. 🙂


It really was a page turner for me- I finished it faster than I thought I would. Having lived in the midwest through blizzards I enjoyed the effect the weather had on increasing the terror in the plot. I thought some of Mira’s inner dialogue was repetitive and tedious and could have been omitted. Agree with others that there could have been better closure at the end with the yellow hat guy. I thought maybe he was interspersed throughout the story to imply there might be done supernatural force at work causing their troubles. Overall I did enjoy the book… Read more »


Just started getting back to that “reading habit.” When I started reading this, I was really enjoying it. I loved the plot twist in the end. I thought it was predictable. I was wrong.


Loved this book listening to it whilst working and travelling- great suspense!!

Donna Hale

Definitely a page turner with so many twists and turns. I changed my assessment of the characters so many times I lost track. I finished it in 2 days!

Pat k.

It was so suspenseful. There was so much tension in this book. Everyone seemed suspect. What an awesome thriller.


I gave this book 3 ⭐️ I, like others, felt the end was rushed with no closure as to what happened with the other people in the car. The book kept me interested but was predictable.

Karen Hollingsworth

I read it in record time because I could never really figure out who the culprit was. I liked it just fine except for not knowing who the man in the yellow hat was.

Stephanie Peterson

Overall I liked the book and it was a great audiobook to listen to during my commute. I’ll agree with others that there was a lack of character development and some questions left unanswered. Who is the man in the yellow hat and where did he come from? Did he know or suspect something was wrong with the situation and he chose to follow them closely? What happened in the case of Corey and his dad? Did Mira meet up with her best friend after she recovered?

Love the snowstorm setting, that always reels me in!


I was interested in the twist on the “locked room” premise, but was disappointed by the execution. The characters going around and around in circles, both in their suspicions of each other and in the car in the blinding snow. It was repetitive, characters felt very one-sided and whiny, and too many loose ends with the man in the yellow hat, Cody and his dad, Kayla, and Brecken. None of the kids were likeable and it was hard to muster the terror the book was striving for.




I did not enjoy this book. Stealing gas… well did they have a choice… they had no cash…. thus book wore me out…. drive and drive….


The plot was interesting and kept me reading but what was with the guy in the yellow hat everywhere? It just doesn’t make any sense. At first I thought it was supposed to represent a ghost from the hospital following her since she said he smelled like disinfectant. Would’ve been creepier and made more sense if Josh had a house somewhere waiting for her. If he was the resources to stalk her for over a year then with the same logic he’d be able to afford a kidnapping house. It seems like the ending was almost set up to be… Read more »

Claudette Blunderfield

Nothing really happens throughout the book. Then in 2 pages, everything happened/was explained, or partially explained, and The End. Hardly a thriller.


It reminded me of the dramatic monologue “ The Hitchhiker “ from the 1950’s. The surprising appearances of the guy in the “ yellow hat and unkempt clothing “ prompted memory of The Hitchhiker from this old monologue. I thought the book dragged on and on. It could be shortened by a few 100 words. But worth reading.


I really enjoyed the book, but it was found wanting in terms of character development! And who was the yellow hatted man? There just wasn’t enough info connecting everything. I’ve done ride sharing with strangers at the airport also. It’s definitely taking a chance, haha, but it was great!


He was a red herring


Took too long to tell the story. Kept me interested but disappointed

I thought it took to long to tell the

I thought it took to long to tell the Story I thought it dragged
I understand why The author had some of the weird characters in there to throw us off the scent By the time you were done it turned out to be a decent book I ended up giving the book away to somebody after I was done but I warned them that the book had a tendency to drag


I feel disappointed that I still have no closure on the man in the yellow hat. I feel that the book(like so many others have said) was rushed at the end with a lot of questions left in place.


It felt predictable yet it wasn’t overdramatized


Is this aimed mainly for young adults? If so I would probably rate it higher. Good idea but as has been pointed out some holes in the plot. How did Josh track Mira? What happened to Kayla and Brecken? Kept me a entertained though.


Yea, i agree. i was a little confused on how the whole josh-stalker thing worked as well. I also want to know what happened to the other characters at the end.


There were so many plot holes that the ending was just disappointing. How did Mira’s stalker and his assistant manage to get a ride in the same car? Who was the man in the yellow hat and how was it possible he was at every stop when they changed roads so often? How did Josh steal and hide so much stuff without anyone noticing? Why did they make Brecken out to be such a bad guy for stealing gas when there were no other options? Do you really think the gas station attendant would be watching for them after losing… Read more »


Wow, you nailed so many plot issues that hadn’t crystallized for me—but once you pointed them out, they did seem glaring. I think my vague dissatisfaction with the book was because of the unanswered questions. Despite the plot holes, the author did write an entertaining story. The man with the yellow hat (am I the only one who kept thinking of Curious George?) wasn’t necessary. Corey and his Dad would not have kept looking for them after losing the car—maybe the car should have had to return to the gas station. Mira is safe at the end, but a detective… Read more »


Ending was too rushed, and agreed that it left many answers and plot holes. Thought her grief would become more of an important plot point or theme but couldn’t understand the point of it as a part of her background, other than the motivator of her joining the car ride?


I had a different opinion until I just realized this was a YA selection. It’s not a book I would recommend, but probably for a teen it would be a good mystery and hold their interest.

Claudette Blunderfield

Also, did not realize this was for YA audiences. Still, they deserve better than this short story stretched out to fill a book.

Sharlee Capes

Exactly! I had sooooo many concerns and then I realized it’s YA. It’s probably a solid teen book – I just hope teens aren’t riding home with strangers they meet in an airport. But that’s so something a young person would do!

I need to go talk to my teens. Yikes.


This was a interesting read. It kept me anxious and ready for the next page.


I am enjoyed the book very much.


I got something out of The Quiet Girl, Reverie, A Dangerous Act of Kindness, Homes, Cowboy Pride, Flat Broke with Two Goats, The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett…,and Robin McKinley is an excellent writer…I do not understand the lack of continuity in this novel…I love YA novels precisely because of the tight storytelling…did not find that here, and many readers felt the same, as corroborated in many preceding comments. I LOVE the concept of a global book club, just really disappointed in this choice.


HAPPY when it ended


Spoiler Alert! What’s up with the mysterious man in the yellow hat? How did he track the kids all over the landscape without a car? Whatever happened to Brecken, Harper & Kayla after they were rescued? What’s the backstory on Josh – why was he crazy and what was his life like when he wasn’t stalking Mira? The author did a fine job of building suspense, but the ending left too many loose ends dangling.

Sharlee Capes

YESSSSSS! I wanted to know all of these answers too!


Wow I was really disappointed. I thought the author dropped the characters of The Breakfast Club into the first draft of Gone Girl and I just didn’t buy it. At all. From the beginning. I love thrillers and this one just didn’t live up to the genre. The relationship between the characters is inconceivable and the plot like less than thrilling. I feel like the author dropped in the stalker character to increase the suspense but it did not.

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