October 25, 2023

What messages or lessons do you think the author intended to convey through the story?

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The mother, and daughter could work though their differences and came together as a whole.


I thought one of the messages was to not do everything alone, if you have family and a support group it’s okay to ask for help and guidance. And it’s important to talk to your kids.


The author did a good job showing the value of family and community to wellbeing. I liked how the author showed the dangers of fake friendships.

Susan Gill

If you are lucky enough to have unconditional love from your family, whether chosen or blood, don’t shut them out when you’re struggling. It’s easier to face the obstacles with the unconditional support of loved ones. When people are vulnerable, unfortunately people who do not have good intentions will take advantage of them so learn to trust one’s instincts. Trust people who feel good to your nervous system in that they don’t leave you stressed out, walking on egg shells, playing mind games, and so on. Even if you think the situation is beyond repair, those that love you unconditionally… Read more »


I think the author intended to convey how important communication within family is. Communication is important regardless of who it is, but is a struggle for most families. It also teaches acceptance amongst family and chosen family.

Sarah January


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