October 25, 2023

What was your initial reaction to this book? What drew you to this graphic novel, and what expectations did you have?

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I thought will be a book for teens but finally had a strong message ‘acceptance’ . I really enjoy it


Good book but Daya said the main character didn’t have much depth and it was very short


This was my first graphic novel and it was good. I liked the message, representation, family. Overall, a good choice!


I read graphic novels from form time to time. I also have a thing for werewolves. The old school approach was to hunt down and kill werewolves. I never felt good about this on two counts. For one thing, werewolves are human most of the time. Another thing is killing wolves, supernatural or otherwise, doesn’t sit well with me. I like that Artie is a normal kid dealing with normal growing up stuff (on top of being a werewolf.) it’s nice that she has a loving mom and the werewolves have a strong sense of community. Also, I think it’s… Read more »


I would’ve never picked this book up as I’m not into graphic novels, but it had everything I want in a story: family, culture, love, representation, action, and laughs.


I never would have read it cause it was a graphic novel but Libby recommended it to me and when I tried it I couldn’t set it down


Yea, the first impression of a graphic novel to me is just pure scepticism. I blame it on those graphic novel that is based on a blockbuster title. However, it is such a surprise to me that this graphic novel has had all my attention the entire time I’m reading through it, it’s fantastic!


I felt it was too short. I listened and followed along with the ebook. This was the 3rd graphic novel I’ve ever read. They take a bit getting use to.


I thought it’s like a vampire romance novle we know but it’s totally different one. So I really enjoyed it


I gotta say I was expecting a lot. Growth, family, connections, preferably a LONGER book. The story was really rushed and although the illustrations were lovely thats not the reason that I pick up books. I would have picked up a magazine in that case. The main character also had no depth and a background would have been nice. All of these mean a LONGER STORY. I 10/10 would not reccoment for it was an utter waste of the 10 minutes I spent on this short story not even worth to be called a real book.


I thought it was kind of scary but I liked it. It talked about how important family is.


I was expecting a fun story about befriending wolves.

Susan Gill

I haven’t read a graphic novel in decades and I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics and story line.


I’m fairly new to getting into graphic novels of all kinds and I’ve always loved anything supernatural. I love that this story highlights a black author and black characters. It’s something that isn’t seen as often as I feel it should be in all media. I also appreciate the LGBTQ+ representation even if brief.

Marlee Doggett

It was a fun read and I like it

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