July 11, 2023

Do you now live in a different place from where you grew up? If so, when you’ve go back to visit, what is it like? What memories does it conjure up?

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Going home stirs up complex feelings for me. On one hand, I’m happy to see some of my family, and it makes me feel like I’m in high school without the responsibilities of a job or even something as simple as cooking dinner every night. However, I faced a lot of trauma when I was younger, and those feelings come up as well. I’ll be having a great time swimming at the beach or eating ice cream at a local shop, and then all of a sudden I have an intrusive memory that makes me nauseous. It can be very… Read more »


I feel the same when I go to the town where I grew up. I no longer have to go there because nobody I am close to still lives there.


I’m amazed at how I thought this was such a great place to live especially when it was we first moved into it. As I had my own family I realized my home is not necessarily where I live


My career requires I live out of the country. In the first five years or so it was fascinating and exciting. After that I realized I was losing connection with my roots. As a single, only child without children, after 20 years away, it’s time to move home. I’ve experienced so many wonderful things. But I feel it was at a great cost to relationships. When I come home I realize I am a visitor. My connection and memories are to the geography.


I grew up about 350 miles away from where I ended up going to college and eventually finding my husband and raising a family. When I go back home I’m reminded of all of the differences between myself and the people I now call family. I remember how difficult life was as a kid where I grew up and the most trying times of my life, that I thought I could never get through. I’m better off now than where I came from. I don’t, however, forget that where I came from and what I went through made me who… Read more »


I moved a lot growing up, so it’s not worth to go back and visit all those cities. I do occasionally look up memorable places on Google Maps to see how things have or have not changed. One of my elementary schools is now a mall/roller derby arena. I also check out my old homes on realtor sites. Through facebook I’m able to see what school friends are up to, as well. I dont need to physically be in a place to have a memory. I’d rather use my vacation time to see someplace new.


I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. While I still live in the same state, I rarely travel back home. When I do, I miss seeing the school playground where I broke my arm, the swimming pool my siblings and friends spent many hours over the summer months, and being able to go to my family home and hang out with my family. The town has changed so much since I left that I don’t see the incentive to raise my children there and have no desire like Natalie does to move back.


89 years ago I was born in a farm house that was, I thought, large until I went back and realized it was tiny. My country school was bad, but I lucked out and got to a progressive city. I had trouble for years but got out early enough so I could adjust. The minute I went back then I saw my country boy problem. I think many others have had this same sudden feeling of being aware but I have never seen it written.


I grew up in a small town and we had more permanent residents. Families that had children that were around the same age, give or take a year or two. We saw each other at the store or little league and we went to the same schools . People rarely moved. Feeling of safety and security was present. I live in LA. Seeing the house we grew up in now, remodeled, spurs melancholy feelings for those years gone by. My parents and my brother are deceased and I have one sister . My nephew was murdered 22 years ago when… Read more »


I feel sad when I see my old home because I miss it so much.😢


I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was 26. When I go back to England now, I see it with eyes that have experienced so much more life, including marriage, motherhood, and career changes. I feel as if England has changed, but maybe it’s me that has changed? I am strongly connected to my sister who still lives there, but both of my parents have now passed so she is my only real link to my past. We talk every day. As I get older, more and more memories pop up and I can look back… Read more »

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