July 11, 2023

Beyond being a romantic interest, how does Asier help Natalie heal from her past?

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Lorena Flores

I’m not a big romance type of person but this was so cute. Their flirting & how they felt for each other truly came out of the book. I ended up smiling each time they had a positive encounter. I think he also helped her heal by showing her that what she really wants to do professionally & for her career path is something realistic. That it is a possibility. I’m glad she realized that her job she was in for 10 years was not doing it for her.


He helped her learn to trust people.


I think Asier’s kindness and his real in her as a whole person is starting to make her feel more worthy.


He was patient while she sorted herself out on her schedule.


It was on her schedule but she is still looking for a Prince Charming.


I agree Ashier help her see herself in a different light. Sometimes when friends or family tell you your good at something such as drawing you don’t believe them because they’re friends and family but if a stranger who is respected says it you can accept it.

Brandy Becker

I feel Asier helped her with understanding and encouragement with her dreams and gave her a start to feeling like she found where she belonged. Both professionally and familiarly. He helped her in ways she wasn’t used to without any strings attached. Asier also respected her work ( her dream work).


This was the one thing that I don’t like about this book so far. It’s obvious what’s going to happen. Why can’t a woman find what she really wants without a tall, “hot” stranger?


I do think that part of the “tall, hot” stranger is what Natalie sees in him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and his kindness and sympathy is what initially drew her and the chemistry is what took her from there. It would be sad if Natalie settled for someone she thought was unattractive.


He’s almost like a therapist to her. Helping her look at things in a different light.

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