July 11, 2023

Natalie is under the impression that a lot of people still hate her for what happened That Night, it turns out a lot of that is in her head. Have you ever mistakenly thought someone was mad at you? How did you deal with it?

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Ginger G

We are mistakenly Carrie different types of guilt with us throughout our life. I did relate to Natalie in this sense that she thought they hated her and were angry at her. she felt that way about herself.
I enjoyed this book and joined in the sibling group hug at the big rock.


We all * first line should read.


She got the messages that her family did not want contact. Neither side attempted communication until this event. It seemed that the problems between them sort of resolved inexplicably. I feel this wasn’t portrayed in a way that was entirely believable. I did enjoy the book.


My sister and I had a fallout like that it wasted a lot of time between us . When we finally talked about it we were thinking about the same things just different ways of getting there.


I always question what i did and what i could have done differently


I believed someone was mad at me and wanted to end our friendship – because she said so – and I respected that for many years. Years later, she asked me why I stopped talking to her. I reminded her what happened. She had no memory of the things she said. We are friendly now, but it’s not like how it used to be.

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