July 11, 2023

Which sibling seemed to change the most between childhood and now? If you have siblings, have they changed since childhood? How have you changed since childhood you?

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I think they all have changed.


I think Jake changed the most. But they all have made some progress since their teenage years.


I think all of the siblings are still harboring deep felt resentment and anxiety from their childhood. Kit is the most mature of them all in my opinion.


I agree with you that Kit was the most mature, and very kind and aware of others for his age.


I would have to say that Jake changed the most. He definitely turned his life around. I think people change a lot from teen years to adulthood.


Im not sure which one has. They are have all matured some practically but not emtionnally. They made disciplined choices for that part of their lives but emotionally no way. I have grown some I have learned how to say no more often and taught my children how to do so. Also I can’t control everything so I have to learn to improvise


I would say that Jake perhaps had the most growth. It seemed like he was the only sibling willing to admit his own fault on that night. Everyone made Natalie feel like it was her fault (they’re wrong) but at least Jake was able to learn, reflect and move on.

He also seemed the least hesitant to Natalies return. In the end, his willingness to accept Natalie and Buck showed greater growth.


Jake seems to have found a lot of success despite his record. I’m on chapter 13, so maybe there’s stuff I don’t know yet. Natalie had commented a few times that Lynn appears less assertive and more of a pushover. Lynn states that Natalie is the same – can’t make decisions.


Now that I’ve finished the book, I’m Team Jake for most growth. However, why did he talk so positively of Natalie to his coworkers, yet never tried to make contact?


I can’t see that anyone grew up much. At first glance it would seem to be Lynn who seems to become a responsible parent or Jake who made himself the success he was. But leaving Natalie as their scapegoat didn’t balance it out

Brandy Becker

We have all changed since childhood. Our frontal lobes are closed and should be able to reason more out. Our childhood can shape and mold us but it is the past and we must live in the current…learning from our past.

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