November 1, 2022

What are your thoughts about the dual Point of View? How does that contribute to momentum and tension in the narrative?

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I really enjoy books that can do this well. Another great example is “Then she was gone” by Lisa Jewell. The style hightens the feeling of action and suspense by drawing out scenes that should normally be shorter.


I think the dual point of view was very helpful to me. It helped me understand what was going on throughout the story. There was this other book I read, “The Unteachables” which had the same point of view change.


In the beginning i was frustrated and annoyed by the dual story line. This is personal to me and my own preferences. I was ready to give up on the sort because of it. Then i found myself enjoying it as i searched for the parallels. I was always surprised when the story moved to the other storline as I tend to become very involved in the world built by the author. Finally i could not wait to find out how they would come together and looked forward to the movement, still surprised, but ready to pursue this path.

hi :)

The author did a really good job with the dual points of view. It created beautiful tension. It also had a bit of situational irony, since Nina’s point of view was sometimes a chapter before Oli’s. I really liked how at the end their perspectives became the same.


I loved it! It gave momentum and tension to the plot as you waited for the next chapter with either Nina or Oli. I enjoyed their different perspectives that came together toward the end of the book.


Something that I found interesting about the dual narratives was the fact that one was third person and the other was first person. I have to wonder if that was intentional on the authors part and if so, what the significance might by.


I wondered the same.


Oli is the main character and hero of the story. Hence the title of the book. I had really not thought of that before reading your post, good observation.

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That’s a good point! I hadn’t even noticed that until you brought it up

Julie Burtin

What an excellent observation!

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