November 1, 2022

A central part of the story involves Nina’s attempts to communicate with her great great grandmother. What’s a time when you’ve struggled to communicate with an elder in your community and how did you deal with it?

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Sarah January

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Sarah January



My great-grandma lived in a hospital for the last years pf her life. She was 96, and I was 10, so to me everything she said was very old-timey and confusing. It made it really hard to bond with her even though I wanted to.


My grandmas don’t speak the same launguge as me (both paternal and maternal ) and I understand some of it but not all ,and it’d really hard to t
Am to them


I’m just starting the journey with my dad now. He’s been battling cancer. I want so much to be able to ask him questions about his childhood, but I’m afraid it’ll bring back bad memories .


I had the same Problem with my Dad. His childhood was not the best .But, by the time he was put into a nursing home his mind was totally gone so I could not ask him questions. I really wish I had asked some more questions when he was lucid

Mary Moya

I lost my mom last year and my dad is 92 and beginning to fade. I have asked both of them and trusted that they will tell me of it is too painful. I am glad that they have opened up.


Moving my elderly grandmother from her apartment home to a care facility was one of the hardest things I and my siblings had to do. She did not want to go, but she could not care for herself. We were not able to take her into our homes. We communicated with her as best we could, but she never fully accepted being in the facility, even though she made some friends and had very good care.


That is so sad. I hated putting my Dad in a nursing home, also.

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